#105 – Cold Email for Intelligent Startup Growth with Ashwin Ramasamy


#105 – Cold Email for Intelligent Startup Growth with Ashwin Ramasamy

June 26, 2019

Hey folks, we invited Ashwin Ramasamy, who is the founder of PipeCandy, an e-commerce market intelligence company, to share his wisdom about running a very successful startup. Let’s dive in!

Topics We Covered:

  • How Ashwin and his team managed to grow PipeCandy in the early days and how they do it today
  • Examples of outreach emails and writing angles PipeCandy uses in its campaigns
  • The scale of PipeCandy outreach and the logic behind it
  • The size of the team and specific roles of the team members
  • What the research phase looks like at PipeCandy
  • The secret sauce of their cold email campaigns
  • How to score the prospects without even speaking to them
  • How to persist through potential troubles with campaigns
  • Two things that can happen to a prospect added to a campaign
  • Why paying attention to tailoring a message for each customer pays back big time
  • The follow-up strategy at PipeCandy
  • Different ways to measure marketing and sales efforts
  • A case against using an automation software

To find even more inspiring content besides the nuggets from this conversation, go to and get the news and interesting insights from these awesome entrepreneurs.

Happy cold emailing!

Jeremy and Jack


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