#106 – Teardown: Improving “Outsourced IT” & SaaS Cold Emails


#106 – Teardown: Improving “Outsourced IT” & SaaS Cold Emails

July 3, 2019

Today we’ve got a couple of emails to tear down. 

Let’s get things started with an email about outsourcing software projects. Here’s how it goes:


Available for software projects – need help?


Hi {!first_name},

You’re hiring, and we have a community of software engineers looking for work.

I invite you to join Orbit, Moonlight’s free weekly email list where we feature engineers looking for contract work:

– It’s free

– Most candidates are from the USA

– We screen candidates for quality and experience at tech companies

To get emails about engineers looking for work, sign up here for free ->

 John Smith

{!title}, engineering


(if you don’t want to hear from me again, please let me know)

Let’s move on, we’ve got a couple more here: 

Day 0

FROM: Boolean 

SUBJECT: Feedback tool for {!company_name}


Hi {!first_name}, 

I found {!company_name} on Crunchbase. It looks like a great service to {!main_function}. 

I have developed a survey tool which will give you plenty of customer feedback. Would you like to try it? 


John Doe

Follow up:

Day 2

FROM: Boolean

SUBJECT: Re: Feedback tool for {!company_name}


{!first_name}, just checking with you on this.

Break up email:

Day 7

 FROM: Boolean

SUBJECT: Re: Feedback tool for {!company_name}


{!first_name}, looks like you don’t need a survey tool. Don’t worry I will not email you anymore.

You can see my survey tool at It is for sending single question surveys.


John Doe

Let’s jump on the teardown:

Among all the tips we give in this cast, you’ll find at least one that will be a magic touch for your cold email. You can also check out approaches that we’ve mentioned like The Fox and The Crow (Episode 19) and Mouse&Whisker (Episode 92), or you can create your own, and then let us know how it went. 

Happy cold emailing!

Jeremy and Jack


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