#107 – Our Most Painful Cold Email Blunders


#107 – Our Most Painful Cold Email Blunders

July 10, 2019

You can’t send a million cold emails without making some mistakes along the way.
So we decided to share with you our most painful cold email blunders in this episode. You might cringe at some of the failures we discuss (and maybe recognize some of your own), but you’ll pick up a few surprising lessons learned, avoid some rookie mistakes, and take on a completely new outlook on what failure really means. Enjoy!


  • What to consider a failure
  • Bounces – a sign to stop sending to risky addresses
  • Should you contact someone and tell them what they are doing wrong (check out Episode 26 to hear Jeremy’s story)?
  • The consequences of not warming up your inboxes
  • Don’t let one negative reply change your course
  • How to keep track of market reaction
  • Are mistakes always a bad thing?
  • Why not every prospect deserves your time
  • What happens when you go too far with personalization
  • Why you should not connect your personal to your cold email account
  • The difference between a failure and a lesson to be learned

If you have been failing with cold emails recently, we hope this cast gives you some comfort knowing that even pros can get it wrong sometimes. In fact, we might actually become pros because of those mistakes, and not in spite of them.

If you’d like a more extensive list of common cold email mistakes, go to Also, check out the techniques that we mentioned for overcoming your failures: Episode 19 – The Fox and The Crow and Episode 92  – Mouse & Whiskers.

Happy cold emailing!

Jeremy and Jack


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