#110 – How To Know If You’re A Spammer


#110 – How To Know If You’re A Spammer

July 31, 2019

In this episode, we are revisiting what it means to be a spammer.
We are sharing our thoughts on how to spot a spammer, what to look for and what numbers you should be hitting.
If you think this applies to you, stick to the end as we give some actionable advice you can use to make sure you stay on the path to mastery. Enjoy!


  • The definition of a spam and a spammer today
  • The difference between a spammer and a cold emailer in the way you build your list
  • Bounce rate as an indicator for being a spammer
  • How you can harm your the campaign if you are in a hurry 
  • Why spammers need volume 
  • The key steps to take if you find yourself a spammer
  • How to interpret your open rate and reply rate in terms of sending spam
  • Who decides what spam is 

In our very first episode we discussed spam, so today we compared those words to our new insights. We gave some stats that indicate there might be something “spammy” going on with your campaign. 
Always be sure to have a clear reason why your list wants to hear from you and understand that all lists are time sensitive. 
Don’t panic if you’re seeing low numbers today. It is the positive replies you should be coming back to gauge your success, not the negative messages.

Good luck with your cold emailing!

Jeremy and Jack


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