#111 – How to Turn Rejections Into Growth


#111 – How to Turn Rejections Into Growth

August 7, 2019

Someone just sent you a rejection email. Should you hit the delete button, or should you spend your time and energy to reply to the prospect that just told you they weren’t interested?
Today, we teach you WHEN to reply and WHAT to write if you want to profit from your rejection emails. We talk about martial arts, FBI agents, and downsells throughout the episode.
Plus, we reveal highly successful reply templates, a book recommendation on rejection, and an unsuspected deliverability hack. Enjoy!


  • How you can take advantage of a rejection email
  • If you have only high value customers, should you go for the reply to their “No”?
  • Following sales mentality ”no is never no forever” vs. considering no’s as part of the process
  • Which rejection emails we should follow up to
  • When is not worth bothering to reply to a rejection email 
  • Examples of common rejection emails that can be easily replied to using automation
  • How to use FBI approach to take your customer off guard 
  • Aikido technique and how to use it in your emails
  • When and how you can ask for recommendation 
  • When you should follow up from the deliverability point
  • The approach to cold email that will warm up your inbox

You can see that it makes sense to reply to some of your negative responses.
Afterall, you might gain valuable feedback or even a paying customer down the road.
But keep in mind that the numbers need to make sense and ignore prospects that reply with anger to reduce your spam complaints. Depending on the reply you can “downsell” prospects to a newsletter, referral or a later follow-up.
Also, check out the book called Go for No! By Richard Fenton. It talks about why aiming for more rejections is good forgrowing your business.

Happy cold emailing!

Jeremy and Jack


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