#112 – How To Gain Instant Credibility Using Cold Email?


#112 – How To Gain Instant Credibility Using Cold Email?

August 14, 2019

How do you make a perfect stranger believe you’re an expert after a single cold email? 
The answer has to do with using the psychology behind Authority and Credibility.
In today’s episode, you’ll pick up the 3 “one-liners” that can turn prospects into believers even if you’re in an industry filled with “shady competitors”, how to “borrow” all the authority you need from others when you’re first starting out, what it means to “Show and not Tell,” and why it all matters if you want to close sales today. Enjoy!


  • How you know when you have a credibility problem
  • What you can do to boost your credibility
  • Examples of  Show Not Tell
  • How to pick and choose what you want to highlight in order to establish yourself as an authority figure
  • When is a smart choice to have a strike in a follow up email
  • Techniques for borrowing authority
  • Using P.S. for  authority building
  • How mentioning competitors can open doors for you

Choose a tool that suits you best if you feel you lack credibility and authority, or if your prospects find it hard to believe you (or your product) are up for the task.
Since some prospects are more receptive to some influence factors than others, do not hesitate to combine multiple ways of conveying authority over multiple follow-ups emails. And check out our Episode 35 about authority and Episode 56 about influence factor to dive deeper into these areas.

Happy cold emailing!

Jeremy and Jack 


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