#113 – The 9 Golden Rules of Cold Email


#113 – The 9 Golden Rules of Cold Email

August 21, 2019

In this episode, we are going through the 9 golden rules of cold email.
Think of these “rules” as the constant background noise that plays in your head when you sit down launching a new cold email campaign.
If you are new to cold email, this is probably a $500/3 week course packed in under 30 minutes, and if not, you will definitely enjoy listening to all of the real-life examples.


  • Build a bridge – find everything that takes you closer to your prospect
  • Catch more flies with honey than with vinegar – highlight what they could achieve, don’t point out what they are doing wrong
  • Dangle a carrot – focus on a single benefit and not a feature
  • Know your audience – send the right type of messages to the right type of people 
  • Hold the door open – make it extremely easy to make the next step
  • What’s in it for them – would you be happy to be in their shoes?
  • Use cold email to make someone’s day
  • Positive Persistence – circle back to offer some new value
  • Get back on the horse – be resilient to rejections, and come back with more and more info

Check out these rules whenever you’re at the beginning of your new campaign. Keep them in mind when you feel stuck, as they can give a big lift to your business. 

Happy cold emailing!

Jeremy and Jack 


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