#115 – Teardown: More Cold Email Tips for Outsourced IT Agencies


#115 – Teardown: More Cold Email Tips for Outsourced IT Agencies

September 4, 2019

Today, we are going to do a teardown with an email that was sent from an outsourced IT agency. We believe it is working for them, but there is always some room for improvement. 

SUBJECT: {!company} in Q4

Hi {!first_name},
I was reading about {!company} for a while and I’ve heard that you are looking for a smart people to join your team. I thought the time was right to ping you.

This is not your ordinary “we_have_guys_who_can_code” email. Within our company we have several Labs that focus on Node, React JS, React Native, Angular and we’ve got tons of experience with vanilla JS, HTML and CSS.

{!company}, similar to our clients like FlyVictor, BleacherReport, FailArmy was carefully chosen, studied and considered to be contacted.

We build dedicated remote engineering and have 150 employees worldwide. For 10 years we haven’t lost a client and our developers are in top 3% at the market.

I am pretty confident that you, like most companies, can benefit from working with top engineers who understand your domain.

Would you like to explore, via email, if a larger conversation makes sense?

John Doe
Senior Project Manager @ AgileJS

FOLLOW UP  (Day 3)

SUBJECT: Re: {!company} in Q4

Hey {!first_name},

Just give me a sign that you have a chance to review email I’ve sent you earlier this week.

We work with top-3% remote developers from Eastern Europe and South America. As the person in charge of the product team at {!company}, will you be interested in hiring talented UI and Node developers?

Let me know if you’d like to explore more.

John Doe
Senior Project Manager @ AgileJS


We have finally put together a complete cold email outreach course! To celebrate, we want to play a game with our listeners on the podcast.
In each episode, starting with this one, find a weird word that one of us inserted into our talking during the show and send it to us via email. The winner gets 15 minutes with us on a Zoom line! 

Have some fun and happy cold emailing!

Jeremy and Jack



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