#121 – Watercooler Chat: Cold Email’s Evolution


#121 – Watercooler Chat: Cold Email’s Evolution

October 16, 2019

Hey folks! In this cast, we are going to focus on the state of cold email in September 2019, where cold email is at right now and what is different than six months ago. Enjoy!


  • Hard time for cold emailers caused by TensorFlow in February 2019
  • The ways to adapt and cold email evolution from TensorFlow onwards
  • The new wave of cold email: low volume, high personalization, high quality approach
  • The necessity of gaining a higher skill level in order to succeed in cold email 

So, what will happen in 2020? If people contact you with a great value proposition, that’s not such a bad thing, isn’t it? The main thing that changes from year to year is getting better and better at content. And even though there are new rules for cold emailing, it’s a smart choice for you to check out The Robert Collier Letter Book and collect some old wisdom.

Happy cold emailing,

Jeremy and Jack

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