#124 – Rapid-fire: Deliverability Hacks, Cold Texting & Agency Secrets


#124 – Rapid-fire: Deliverability Hacks, Cold Texting & Agency Secrets

November 6, 2019

Hey cold emailers, let’s see what are your newest concerns in our newest Rapid Fire episode. 

Rapid Fire Questions:

  • When it comes to alternative domains, what outbound volume is the best and how long does it take to warm up a separate domain? 
  • Is having two links in a cold email OK?
  • Is it better to hyperlink or type a direct link in a cold email?
  • What to do with an “Out of office” reply?
  • How much personalization should I use?
  • Is cold email over for me if I’ve contacted everyone in my market?
  • What profile specialist should I hire for my outbound campaigns?
  • Can I hire a couple of agencies to compare them?
  • How can I do a cold email campaign without worrying about damaging my well known brand that I worked so hard to build?
  • What is more important in cold email – being a great email writer or understanding your market and product?

We covered a lot of different issues that can stand in your way, but if there is anything else that bothers you, just send us an email and we’ll be happy to discuss it.

Happy cold emailing,

Jeremy and Jack


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