#125 – Why You’re Still Struggling With Deliverability (Part 1)


#125 – Why You’re Still Struggling With Deliverability (Part 1)

November 13, 2019

Hey, join us by the water cooler and let’s talk about a couple cold email questions:

  • Is engagement a golden metric for deliverability today? 
  • What kind of feedback can we get from follow up stats?
  • Why is reply rate becoming more important indicator than the bounce rate?
  • Is engagement necessarily connected to the reply rate? 
  • How does the subject line affect your chances for reply?
  • What is the best correlation to a prospect turning into a customer?
  • Is multichannel engagement a way to do it in the near future?
  • Can you boost engagement by making CTA easier?
  • Why should you reconnect with your existing customers?

It seems like the best indicator is sender reputation multiplied by the engagement. In order to do that you need to keep an eye on all the cold email components that we mentioned. To help you with creating powerful CTAs, we created CTA Swipe File that you can check out at

Happy cold emailing!

Jeremy and Jack


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