#129 – Teardown: 3 Impossible-to-Ignore Cold Emails


#129 – Teardown: 3 Impossible-to-Ignore Cold Emails

December 11, 2019

Today we have a special teardown episode where we actually replied to all of these cold emails. Let’s not keep you waiting!

Email 1: 

Subject: regarding Emails That Sell

Hi Jack,

Big fan of the podcast you do with Jeremy. Dig your recent teardown for the Outsourced IT Company – so many golden nuggets to use.

My story short: I help aspiring B2B SaaS providers make most of their websites in terms of branding & conversions. My collaboration with Mortgage Vintage based in Newport Beach is a good example of that.

Relating to you, the messaging spread over at could be improved with the use of a few design tweaks. The improvements can be outlined in a graphic mockup that I can craft for you.

Is this something you would be interested in seeing, Jack?


P.S. Your site owns a valid SSL certificate but because you load non-secured images on your site, it does not show as safe for the users; would look into fixing this.

Email 2:

Subject: question about your approach

Dear Jeremy,

I know you’re really busy and that you probably get a lot of emails, so this will only take sixty seconds to read. 

I am a business student and have started “idea extraction” with marketing agencies. It seems like you have been really successful at this, so I figured I’d ask you my single, burning question about that process.

I’m 23 calls in so far, have identified a few major problems that many marketing agencies experience. How do I go deeper with them on these problems so that I can find the source of the pain and find a real solution?

I totally understand if you’re too busy to respond, but even a one or two-line reply would really make my day.

All the best,

Andrew Bass

Email 3:

Subject: Potential Cold Email Outreach with Jeremy & Jack Podcast Guest?

Sent to podcast

Hi Jack, 

Tom Williams Founder of DealPoint, is an expert in buyer-centric selling, specifically surrounding Mutual Action Plans, and how they can make speed up deals, increase pipeline accuracy, and reduce churn.

We’ve been doing some work with Tom and I was thinking he could be a great guest on the Cold Email Outreach with Jeremy and Jack Podcast. 

What does your guest evaluation process typically look like?

Thank you,

Brittany Wideman

A Better Jones

These three emails are excellent examples that personalization pays off. It definitely IS worth investing your time if you want to see a Calendly link in your reply. 

Happy cold emailing!

Jeremy and Jack



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