#131 – This 2 Minute-Task Will Boost Your Open Rate By 6%


#131 – This 2 Minute-Task Will Boost Your Open Rate By 6%

December 25, 2019

If we could give you a simple way to increase your deliverability rate by 5%, would you do it?

There’s something you can do right now to get more opens.

Although it’s a bit technical we’ll be there to translate instructions into easy to understand and actionable steps.

So if deliverability is important to you, and deliverability is a big thing these days, stay tuned and enjoy the show!


  • What custom domain tracking is and why you need to know about it
  • Who needs this tool?
  • How much it can actually increase your deliverability and open rate
  • Things to worry about when using custom domain tracking
  • How you can keep your custom domain healthy
  • The easiest way to set up custom domain tracking

So here’s your homework for tonight: go to your outbound tool, click the support button, type: “help me set up custom domain tracking”, use “hello” or “mail” as your subdomain to avoid issues. On average, people go from 34% to 40% opens just by doing those steps.

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Happy cold emailing!

Jeremy and Jack

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