#134 – Rapid Fire: Influencer Outreach, SDR Grading, And The “Koala Tactic”


#134 – Rapid Fire: Influencer Outreach, SDR Grading, And The “Koala Tactic”

January 15, 2020

Hey folks, let’s check out what questions popped up after we shared our freshest wisdom in the previous ten episodes. 

Rapid Fire Questions:

  • What’s the one thing I need to do differently in 2020? 
  • Am I crazy for sending cold emails from my actual work inbox?
  • Where should I spend most of my time in my outbound campaigns?
  • What should my budget be as I consider starting out a cold email campaign?
  • What’s the secret to reaching out to influencers?
  • How do I know that my SDR is doing a good job or not with cold email?
  • When is email automation not useful?
  • How many “go to hell” replies should I get before I stop cold emailing?
  • Does signing my emails with a job title “SDR” hurt my reply rates?
  • What’s your favorite sales tip for LinkedIn?

Use these tips to polish your cold email campaign. And if you don’t like to do some of the important stuff like personalization, there is a solution – go to to drop Jack a message and make your day.

Happy cold emailing!

Jeremy and Jack


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