#135 – Growth Chat: Dominating Ultra-Competitive Markets


#135 – Growth Chat: Dominating Ultra-Competitive Markets

January 22, 2020

Put on your sales hat for a moment… How would you sell a service in a highly competitive market to small business owners that constantly get bombarded by marketers, using nothing but cold email?

Today, we’ll explore this question in a long cast full of strategies that would help you break through tough markets and pick up new clients – even if you’re just starting out.

Listen for advice on how to mine a local business owners for sales tips and a few unconventional CTA’s you can use to get replies this week. Enjoy!


  • The best ways to clean your list and remove the first block on your way
  • The benefits of scraping 
  • How you can use a casual chat with your service provider to get an angle and jargon needed for your campaign 
  • How you can figure out that the prospect can afford your services
  • Why it pays off to try out the local card
  • The key criteria to determine if the people are interested in your solution
  • Examples of a good and thoughtful approach to your prospects 

The theme we are cycling around is basically doing a better research of your list, getting to know your audience better and then experiment, experiment, experiment! For much useful material, check out our episodes 73 and 74 on how to launch a startup.

One great book to help you is Influence, by Robert B. Cialdini which will show you there are a lot of avenues you can take in cold email space. 

Happy cold emailing!

Jeremy and Jack


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