#137 – Closing Deals With Liston Witherill, The Host of Modern Sales Podcast


#137 – Closing Deals With Liston Witherill, The Host of Modern Sales Podcast

February 5, 2020

Today is an exciting day in our cold email outreach podcast, because we have Liston Witherill, the host of Modern Sales podcast, a fabulous source to learn more about closing deals. Liston is joining us with a background in psychology, behavioural economics and tons of sales studies to tell us what happens after our prospects reply with interest. Enjoy!


  • How you can develop trust with a new person
  • The indicators that are showing that someone is trustworty
  • Creating and meeting expectations in relationships 
  • Making and keeping promises in order to build trust
  • Keeping the client’s best interest in mind
  • Why you should use “Why me?” question

Be sure your leads will check you out online before you call, so make sure your LinkedIn and websites are professionally updated and relevant to your audience.

Ask questions and be consistent to start building trust with new prospects.

Don’t pitch in your first discovery call. Use it to find out if a second call makes sense.

Be transparent about your strengths and weaknesses throughout the call. 

If you use these tips to find out what is important to your prospect, the proposal should be just a formality. This way you will reduce the number of people who do not get back to you for sure.

Happy cold emailing!

Jeremy and Jack



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