#142 – Rapid-Fire: Personalization Hacks, Old Data & Getting “Unstuck”


#142 – Rapid-Fire: Personalization Hacks, Old Data & Getting “Unstuck”

March 11, 2020

Hey guys, let’s list the questions that are keeping you stuck in your cold email campaigns these days!

Rapid Fire Questions:

  • What are the main tips on how to write a value proposition?
  • Is it a good idea to have an A/B/C/D instead of A/B test?
  • What’s the fastest way to personalize a cold email?
  • If I think I don’t have much time to try cold email, should I even bother?
  • If you are mastering inbound, do you need to look at outbound as well?
  • What is the most important thing you should personalize in your email template?
  • If you are struggling with cold email, when should you quit trying?
  • What should you look for in a good data provider?
  • What’s the most important feature of cold email software?
  • Is it worth looking into cold emails if your market doesn’t use email much?

It is great that you send so many great questions, because when you don’t have them it means you’ve stopped learning. We are happy to give answers and ease your process. If you want more more of them, just email us.

Happy cold emailing!

Jeremy and Jack

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