#143 – Building A Winning Sales Team With James Schramko


#143 – Building A Winning Sales Team With James Schramko

March 18, 2020

Our guest in this episode is James Schramko, Founder of SuperFastBusiness, and the author of “Work Less, Make More”. He helps businesses achieve leverage point so they too can work less, and make more.

In this episode we talk about how to become a better sales person, where to start from to achieve it, and how to build systems and procedures in order to grow and serve your customers in the best possible way. Enjoy!

What You Will Learn In This Episode:

  • How we got James on the show with a well crafted cold email
  • What James does, whom he helps and how he makes their life better
  • Where to start from when you want to sell more
  • How to find out who you are serving and do the best job with customer support
  • How SuperFastBusiness train their employees beyond giving them SOP’s
  • Why cross-checking procedures are important, especially with content publishing
  • What is the first step in order to start building a sales system
  • The difference between a business and a job, even when you consider yourself an entrepreneur
  • How you can write a book in 30 days
  • Why you should keep a beginner’s mindset even when you are expert at something
  • Why you must not be irreplaceable even in your own business

The real secret James uncovered for us is that you have to really care about your customer in order to win at sales. So check out the books below that he recommends in order to become a better sales person and a better entrepreneur.

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