#152 – Teardown: 3 Cold Emails You Wish You’d Written


#152 – Teardown: 3 Cold Emails You Wish You’d Written

May 20, 2020

This is going to be a special type of teardown, because Jeremy actually likes these emails! 

If you go to, you’ll find the templates that you can always go back to and learn from. Enjoy!

Template 1:

Subject:Promote {{}} to 850,000 Entrepreneurs!

Hey {{prospect.first_name}},

Been hearing killer things about {{}}, so I had to reach out!

We are hand selecting {{prospect.custom.product-category}} to showcase this quarter to 850,000+ potential new customers, and we think {{}} would be a great fit!

Would love to chat about how we can make something exciting happen.


Best, {{inbox.friendly_name}}

Template 2: 

Subject:Doing a story on you

Hey {{prospect.first_name}}, doing story on {{prospect.custom.product-category}} space for Nathan Latka’s The Top business podcast (5m entrepreneurs, vc’s, CEO’s listen).

Want to come on for brief 15 minutes to share your thoughts on the space and highlight where {{}} fits in the overall industry?

For example, we’ve recently done some interviews with FourSquare, Sumo Logic, and Infusionsoft.

Best regards,


Previous guests include Matt Mullenweg, Andy Rachleff, and Tim Draper. It’ll be worth your time.

Template 3: 

Subject:Quick question about your website 🙋

Hi there,

{{inbox.friendly_name}} here, Head of Growth at Albacross, a sales intelligence software that helps companies learn more about their anonymous website visitors and convert them into leads.

I know you’re busy, so I’ll be quick.

I saw your post {{prospect.custom.blog_url}} and, well, we recently wrote an article B2B Sales: The Best Strategies for 2020 that I think fits in perfectly!

Any chance you’d consider adding it to your article (only if you find it useful, of course!)?

Oh, and in exchange, I’m happy to share your article on our social media accounts with the list of 9K+ followers. ❤️

Let me know what you think!

Stay awesome,


Head of Growth

If you have a really good cold email, send it to us and we’ll add it to the collection.

Happy cold emailing!

Jeremy and Jack



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