#156 – David Fowler: Top Deliverability Tips from an Email Veteran


#156 – David Fowler: Top Deliverability Tips from an Email Veteran

June 17, 2020

Our special guest in this episode is an email veteran who has been involved with and managing email related activities since 2003. David Fowler is probably the most knowledgeable deliverability expert that we will ever have on the show, so take a notepad and enjoy his stories from the battlefield!


  • Why you should care for deliverability 
  • Where to start from if you want to build deliverability right
  • What is digital reputation and how to improve it
  • How to treat follow ups and the best ways to go about them 
  • How a CTA can help you decide whether to move someone off of your campaign
  • Creating strict rules or swimming in unclarity until we hit the problem
  • How engagement builds up your reputation
  • How long it takes for your reputation to be reset

The real beauty of email is that you can test anything. As David says, it has and will always be a marathon, so keep training and enjoy the challenge! 

To thank him for all the tips he generously shared with us, connect with him on LinkedIn or Twitter.

Happy cold emailing!

Jeremy and Jack

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