#170 – Should We Still Test?


#170 – Should We Still Test?

September 23, 2020

Can you run an A/B test if you have a few hundred prospects in a campaign?

Ask any data scientist or savvy marketer, and they’ll tell you “no”. Why? You need lots of data to have confidence that you’re actually picking the real winner.

So what’s a cold emailer to do?

In this episode, we explore this question and leave you with a reliable process for testing low-volume email campaigns using qualitative feedback, inbound data and a few other testing hacks you can use, right now.



  • Why we need testing
  • In what cases testing results are super valuable to drive your business decisions 
  • How and when to do A/B testing
  • How to increase deliverability with testing
  • When to kill a variation

Now that you’ve heard our views on cold email testing, make sure you always keep a copy of every experiment you ran along with stats, so you can bring new team members up to speed on what worked and what didn’t.

Happy testing!

Jeremy and Jack


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