#171 – Teardown: Content Agency, Socks & Appsumo


#171 – Teardown: Content Agency, Socks & Appsumo

September 30, 2020

Today we have three more of your emails to learn from. Let’s dive right into them!

Email 1 – Contentbulb

Subject: help with blog content?

Hi Jeremy – just watched a past video with you from the Bootstrapped Software Summit where you shared stories on early growth at QuickMail – thanks for being so transparent with the early emails you sent. 

Thought you might find it interesting how we helped 3x traffic in 6 months for a {b2b/b2c} SaaS company similar to QuickMail.

I help SaaS companies get more traffic, leads, and customers by researching and writing engaging, search-friendly blog content.

Is increasing your traffic and lead captures on your radar?



P.S. Hope the email backlog isn’t too bad now that getting on a plane isn’t happening as often…

Georges Petrequin



Email 2 – DeadSoxy

Subject line: DeadSoxy + [company] Collab

Example: DeadSoxy + Warner Music Collab

[company] x DeadSoxy – Collab

Example: Warner Music x DeadSoxy – Collab

Hey Jim,

Have you considered adding socks to the company swag? 

It may sound funny, but brands like American Heart, Gamut, Toyota and WeWork have used custom socks to rally the team and build company culture while teams are working from home.

Custom socks only make sense if people actually wear them… We’ve built the DeadSoxy brand around producing ultra-premium socks that people love to wear. 

Jim, I’ve set aside a few socks to send your way. Should I send the {Company} team a few pairs on us?

talk soon


Jason Simmons

Chief Visionary


Email 3 – AppSumo

Subject: Swipe Right On AppSumo! 🤳

Subject: QuickMail on AppSumo next month?

Subject: Can QuickMail scale to 3x your customer base next month?

Jeremy, we’re scouting for dope tools to showcase in our selective SaaS marketplace and we’d love to have our 850,000+ customers purchase QuickMail.

Would love to see about we can do about creating a partnership since {sales automation} is hot right now. 

Interested in making more revenue in Q4 this year?




Business Development

We are happy to share knowledge, so keep sending us emails and questions, so we can have more valuable lessons. 

And let us know how you like our new episode format.

Happy cold emailing!

Jeremy and Jack




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