#173 – Greg Mccallum: Building Remote Sales Teams


#173 – Greg Mccallum: Building Remote Sales Teams

October 14, 2020

Hey folks, today we are welcoming Greg Mccallum, a high-performance executive leader with extensive B2B & B2C Commercial, Startup Consultancy, and Change Management experience. We talk about the right way to build remote sales team, and challenges that are coming in this arena. Enjoy!


  • What typical remote team looks like
  • What is missing in distributed teams and how it can be compensated 
  • Virtual office environment as a new permanent solution
  • What recruitment processes work best
  • How engagement correlates with prospecting
  • Features for accessing competency
  • How to apply your strategy for prospects to the strategy for recruitment

Engagement appears to be up these days, so use that to your advantage, connect to your prospects and remember to be human. Remember that you don’t have to hire if you don’t find a good fit, and if you are having trouble, it probably is about your process, not the people.

Happy cold emailing!

Jeremy and Jack



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