#174 – Cold Outreach: Teardown


#174 – Cold Outreach: Teardown

October 21, 2020

This time we’re discussing three of your emails. Let’s dive into them to pick up some nuggets!


Emails after we teared them down:

Subject: Greetings and 🌮’s from AppSumo!

Hey Jeremy,

I could tell you that launching {Quickmail} on AppSumo will bring you 2-3k more users (which it likely will), but you probably want to hear it from someone who was in your shoes.

Benjamin Dell, also has b2b SaaS like yours, has launched three successful products on AppSumo. His latest launch, HeySummit, earned $140,000 outright + $100,000 ARR — without giving up any equity.

Do you have some time this week to talk about how we can help you see similar results?



subject: Blog post update?

Hey Jeremy,

I’ve noticed that you are linking to HubSpot’s article on the best subject lines for cold sales emails in your blog post: (Thanks a lot for mentioning [company] there 🙏)

This is a really awesome and useful resource!

I wrote a comprehensive guide on a similar topic, which not only includes the list of tested cold email subject lines but provides a step-by-step tutorial on how to write subject lines that convert. This is something that HubSpot’s article is missing 🙂

<link here>

If you happen to find our content useful, perhaps you would consider linking it from your article as an additional source.


PS. I know it’s a small thing, but would be happy to add 5,000 free requests to your [product] account to thank you for the mention – just let me know the email address you’re using.

Name | Head of Marketing

My reply:

Hi Irena,

Nice outreach. I see you are new at [company], I know the founder well.

Reach out to me once you included a link to in any of your articles and I’ll consider this.

Good luck!

Be amazing,


Her reply:

Jeremy, thanks a lot for getting back to me! Yeah, I joined the team back in February 🙂

At [company], we don’t practice link exchange due to this reason.

However, I’d be happy to add 1K free requests for your Hunter account as a “thank you” for the mention.

Let me know you might be interested in this 🙂

Subject: Partnership discussion with Emails That Sell & {{company}}

Hello Jack, I was going through a few of the lead gen companies in my network and found your profile.

Since the sales of your customer directly depend on the quality of the leads you provide, I may be able to help you improve your client satisfaction this year.   

We’ve helped a few dozen lead gen agencies (like X and Y) reduce their bounce rate and send more valid prospects using our {email validation tool} that uses AI to stop bounces.

When can we connect for a short call to see if this will help improve your client’s lead gen efforts?



Silvina, read about your company in Harper’s Bazaar and appreciated your take on sustainable and cruelty-free products.

When I found out about your luxury makeup, I looked you up on LinkedIn and decided to shoot you this message.

My team’s goal has always been to help more marketing vp’s with brilliant products (like your luxury makeup line) get the word out using product {videos that make people engage}.

Is video marketing to engage with more {beauty lovers} on your radar this year or next? 



P.S. Either way, big fan of the brand you’ve built. Keep up the awesome work.

In the end it’s always about the three main things: your list, value proposition and CTA. Make sure you have them in place.

Happy cold emailing!

Jeremy and Jack


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