#176 – Vintage Cold Email Teardown


#176 – Vintage Cold Email Teardown

November 4, 2020

Jack found some old cold email from 1902 selling natural gas products to businesses, and we’ve had a blast at tearing it down.

There are so many solid elements of cold email in that letter, that we’ve thought it’s definitely worth taking a second look in 2020. You will learn how it could be easily adapted from a direct sales letter to today’s cold email format.

Here it is and watch the video to the end to find out what we think about it:

How much are you paying per cubic foot of your gas? (was the basis of our letters). If we can show you how to cut the cost by a fourth, are you interested enough to prove it? The Blank Gas Company of Cincinnati has cut its costs by more than that, and here are the figures as given in a letter from their Superintendent. (here we quoted exact figures and costs). The Bank Company of Indianapolis and (here we mentioned four or five other companies well and favorably known to the trade) have had similar experiences. We’ll be glad to send you the exact figures from each if you will take the time to read them.

But better than any figures from other plants is this chance to write new figures of your own in your plant. Send the enclosed card, without money. On receipt of it, we will ship you a carload of Powellton screened gas coal, our regular standard quality.

Test it. Try it any way you wish. At the end of your tests, figure how much gas you get per pound of coal, and what that gas cost you! If you don’t find that the Powellton Coal has saved you at least 25% on your cost, then that carload we send you won’t cos you one cent. But if you do see where you can save from 25 to 33% of the cost of your gas, then you re to give us your contract for all the gas coal you use for the next year, at a price of $1.25 per ton f.o.b. Powellton, W.Va. Remember, no saving-no cost. But if we save you 25%, we get your contract. Is it a go?



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