#190 – Teardown: 3 Cold Emails That (Almost) Worked


#190 – Teardown: 3 Cold Emails That (Almost) Worked

February 10, 2021

In this episode we’ll go over three emails in ten minutes.

Email 1:

Stripe billing stack – QuickMail

Hey Jeremy,

I noticed most of your web traffic is outside of Switzerland, but you only offer USD at your checkout

You could increase conversions with a pricing page like this:

With local currencies, you can tweak pricing level to maximize revenue in each market. Higher in the UK/Nordics, lower in Brazil/India.

With Paddle, you can turn on & re-price across currencies in a few clicks for higher conversions globally – at your level of revenue, I’d estimate this would add hundreds of thousands of dollars in ARR for Quickmail this year.

Can I show how we could help?


Email 2:

Text Analysis in 2021

Hey Jeremy,

I wanted to circle back with you because you showed an interest in MonkeyLearn for text analysis but the timing may not have been ideal.

I imagine finding insights into your customer or operational data is still an important project at But let’s be real, continuing to try to do things manually is not time-efficient or cost-effective.

Should we set aside some time to reconnect this week? We can review your text data, goals, and show how MonkeyLearn can help. 

Talk soon,

Riley Maguire

Riley Maguire

MonkeyLearn. No-code text analysis.

Email 3:

Jack, Is there someone else I should be reaching out to?

Hi Jack,

I wouldn’t want anyone to miss out on the opportunity, but of course I would totally understand if you aren’t interested…..should I take a hint?

To make it super easy for you just choose one of the following canned replies:

  1. Nagajothi, you are slow in taking a hint.
  2. I intended to respond and then forgot. Thanks for the reminder!
  3. Fine, if it takes 10 minutes or less, call me now. Here is my number:____________
  4. Sorry, can’t help, I am too happy, respected and compensated to consider anything else.
  5. I abandoned this email account because I’m getting bothered by too many pesky recruiters 🙂
  6. Other: _______________

If you would prefer I use a different address for you, please mail me on the below email address

Thanks & Regards,


Roljobs Technology Services Private Limited


Takeaways from this episode are: cut it down, keep it clear and try out some images to personalize.

If you have received some interesting cold emails and you would like us to do a quick teardown on them, email us and we’ll be happy to take a quick look at them. Also check out for everything that we know about outreach and outbound lead generation.

Happy cold emailing!

Jeremy and Jack


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