#196 – Follow-up TearDown


#196 – Follow-up TearDown

March 24, 2021

Today we are learning from tearing down follow-ups, not original emails. Let’s dive into them! 

1st FOLLOW (1st March)

Subject: Re: Jeremy, can I send you these?

Hey Jeremy, sure you’re busy, just bumping this up to the top of your inbox!


2nd FOLLOW UP (6th March) 

Hey Jeremy! Just got some really great results from a client and wanted to share them with you real quick.

Matthew has been building 

I’d love to do the same for you.

Let’s get on a call.


3rd FOLLOW UP (11th March) 

Hey Jeremy, just wanted to follow up about taking your website to the next level.

I have some more ideas of how to transform your website into a clean professional website that actually makes sales.

Let me know if you’re interested in hearing them.


Re: Partnership opportunities

Hi there,

I wanted to follow up on my previous email. For your convenience, just select a number below and I will handle the rest:

1) I am super interested! Please follow up today.

2) I am interested, but please follow up at a later time.

3) I have no idea what LiveRamp is.

4) Not interested, but thanks!

Looking forward to hearing back.



How about today?

Hi {!first_name},

Thought I’d shoot you another email and see if you had a few minutes today for a quick call. I saw that {!company} is growing the team and I thought, since you are in leadership, you might be interested in learning about our CRM tool that is designed to easily ramp new sales hires, as well as, keep them on target to exceed revenue goals month over month.

I’d like to learn more about your goals as a company and discuss how our tool, Velocify, could help you grow. Do you have 5-10 minutes open today?



PandaDoc post-{{conference_name}}

Hey {{first_name}},

any thoughts on my last email?



Re: PandaDoc post-{{conference_name}}

Hey {{first_name}},

Haven’t heard back on this yet. Hopefully, the dust has settled since {{conference_name}} and we can pick up where we left off:

check out how this sales and marketing agency uses both PandaDoc and HubSpot together. 👇

Better close rate + more deals = more closed-won revenue

Is this success relevant to you? Let me know and I can show you how you can crush it too.



1st FOLLOW UP (2nd March)

Subject: Re: Quick question, Jeremy

Hi Jeremy,

Quick ping – I know you’re busy. I wanted to ensure that you received my initial email. Thoughts?

Would you be open to locking something in now? It’ll take 30 seconds.

Book a 15-min Discovery

Health and Wellness,



$0 – $1M ARR or $1M – $10M ARR In 12 Months

Case Studies, Reviews & Testimonials

Resource Index

Reply “no thanks” if you would no longer like to receive any communications from me.

2dn FOLLOW UP (3rd March)

Subject: Jeremy… 15 or go for a lap?


Does this sound worth discussing further or should I go for a lap…

Would love to schedule a call with you – do any of these times work?



3rd FOLLOW UP (5th March)

Subject: Quick q, Jeremy


We helped Patrick from Lead Engine Pro solve these two problems and go from $0 – $1M ARR in 4 months.

Here’s what Patrick had to say about us. 

Interested in seeing if we can do the same for

Let’s talk.



4th FOLLOW UP (8th March)

Subject: 10X’s Conversion Rate


Let’s dive a bit deeper.

This is all focused on:

Ensuring only ideal clients enter your funnel;

Improving the quality of sales interactions (i.e. increase conversion %);

Building a sound infrastructure to identify the most profitable unit case, etc. 

I’ll send over some value drops intended for you to implement immediately.

First, let’s start with your headline.

Without a strong headline, getting attention will be difficult. Marketing has nothing to do with your offer and mechanism. Even if your offer or mechanism is fantastic, if the headline or marketing message is wrong, no one will ever know of it.

The headline is niche-specific and speaks to the transformation. It needs to be bodacious and true. Provide the direct benefit and even better yet, time-dependent.

Use this example template: 

“For {Niche}: How to go from {State 1} to {State 2} in {Timeframe} Using {Mechanism}” 

“How to go from {State 1} to {State 2} in {Timeframe} Using {Mechanism} without {negative outcome}”


“How to take your B2B SaaS company from $0 – $1M in 12 months or less using a paid traffic funnel and an inside sales team.”

“For B2B CEOs: How NOT to get ripped off by recruiters, and find your next superstar”

“10 High Net Worth Investor Leads a Month without hiring another agency”

Jeremy, do you have at least one place you can implement this framework?

Do you want to work with one of the world’s best internet marketers in the world to craft this, and many other useful assets?

If so, please book 15 minutes on my calendar.



5th FOLLOW UP (10th March)

Subject: [UPDATED] Spio Process Walkthrough – Relevant for

Hi Jeremy,

Nick recorded a video on the new model that we put together that relates many important inputs to the enterprise value and share price of a business.

Please watch the video here:

Platform and Walkthrough

Inputs include:

Cost to fulfill, cost to market, cost to sell, churn, discount rate, dispute rate, time to market, time to sell, time to fulfill, refund period, refund rate, rate of change of customer set, invites per customer, time in which customer invites friend, the conversion rate of invitation, fixed costs, rate of change of fixed costs, and many other important inputs.

Outputs include:

DCF Enterprise Value

Market Capitalization Value

Share Price

Time to Profitability

Free Cash Flow (at time function and visualization)

+ many more.

This model helped our customers go from $0 to $1M in 12 months or less and scale from $1M to $10M in 12 months or less.

If you would like access to this model, please sign up for a call:

15-min Discovery

Health & Wellness,



RE: Elementary, my dear {!first_name}

Hi {!first_name},

Did you get a chance to read my previous email?

If I could tell you which companies sell on multiple channels, how many SKUs they have and the email IDs of the decision maker in each company, you can go all Don Corleone on them. “Make them an offer they can’t refuse.”

How does your calendar look for a call early next week?


John Doe

RE: Elementary, my dear {!first_name}

Hi {!first_name},

Maybe you missed my emails. I’m positive that we can be a great fit for you and can widen your sales pipeline. We can perhaps continue this over email if you are busy.


Guess you’re quite busy. Can I check in with you again in a few weeks?

There is quite a lot of work in follow-ups. If you want to understand how to write even better ones, our Cold Email Masterclass could be the place for you to get all the goods.

Happy cold emailing!

Jeremy and Jack


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