#198 – Growth Chat / Hubspot


#198 – Growth Chat / Hubspot

April 7, 2021

Let’s say Hubspot hired us and we’re in charge of growing their Partner Program app. Join us as we create an outbound strategy for Hubspot. 

This is what we came up with: 


4,000+ installs

Target Audience: Product Manager


A) Have commitment from companies to add this to their road map.
B) Find out the right contact to discuss this with
C) Figure out is there a challenge to improve future campaigns

Subject: supporting hubspot in Q3?

Jeremy, do you have any {company} users asking for a HubSpot CRM integration?

I’m asking because Drift saw 300% more signups 1 week after integrating with us. And I’m sure we can come up with a way to get even more trials your live chat tool.

Would that make sense to have a discussion?
Who is the right person to talk to? 

P.S. {Custom PS}

Follow up 1:
Integration takes less than a week with the help of our in house Engineer that can help with the integration.

Follow up 2:
Improve customer success/experience. 80% of marketers are using HubSpot.

The benefits for the prospects depend on who you are contacting. You won’t make a mistake if you spend more time on the research – that way you’re getting more risk out of the equation.

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