The Cold Outreach Podcast

with Jeremy & Jack

July 26, 2017

#06 – How to Write the Perfect Follow-up Email?

Hey folks, welcome back to the Cold Email Podcast! This week we discuss writing follow-up emails and why it pays off to put some bloody effort into it. We will give you do’s and don’ts… Continue Reading

July 19, 2017

#05 – How to Find Hot Leads?

Attention please, this is a very important episode, because everyone new to cold emailing thinks there is a magic template that will just convert like crazy. The truth is, if you want to be successful… Continue Reading

July 12, 2017

#04 – Email Teardown: Skillshare

Hi and welcome back to The Cold Outreach Podcast! Today we are doing a teardown on a cold email that Jack received last month from Skillshare, which is a platform where you can share your… Continue Reading

July 5, 2017

#03 – How to deal with rejections?

In this episode we talk about dealing with rejections during a cold email campaign. You will learn that being rejected is inevitable due to the nature of cold email itself, but that there are smart… Continue Reading

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