The Cold Outreach Podcast

with Jeremy & Jack

August 30, 2017

#011 – Email teardown: CaseWave

Hey folks, today we are doing another email teardown. This time we wanted to share a cold email that we had to rewrite completely as it had so many things wrong. Here it is: Subject:… Continue Reading

August 23, 2017

#010 – How to write an irresistible subject line?

Hey cold emailers, we did our homework for this episode. We analyzed the last 50 million emails sent with QuickMail, searching for the truth behind the “perfect” subject line. Is it ‘Quick question’? Is it… Continue Reading

August 16, 2017

#09 – Marketing Automation for Cold Email?

This week we talk about why it’s a bad idea to use marketing automation software for cold email. We need to address this because it’s a mistake that could be harming your reply rate even… Continue Reading

August 9, 2017

#08 – Copy vs List

Is your campaign going to perform better if you have a great copy or if you have a great email list? What happens if you have superb copy but a lousy list? Or if you… Continue Reading

August 2, 2017

#07 – Cold Email Metrics That Count

Hello cold emailers, how’s your reply rate? This week we are talking about the metrics that will help you optimize and get the most out of cold email. Guess what, click rate is NOT an… Continue Reading

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