The Cold Outreach Podcast

with Jeremy & Jack

December 26, 2018

#079 – How to Track Success with Cold Email

Hey folks! In this cast, we'll go over what qualifies as a positive or negative reply. If you are labeling conversations as positive and negative, you may run into some grey areas you need to… Continue Reading

December 19, 2018

#078 – Stop Sending Cold Emails (Try This Instead)

Today’s episode is all about “lukewarm” emails. In this cast, you’ll learn what lukewarm emails are and how to use them to transform your outreach ROI right now. You’ll hear tips on how to become… Continue Reading

December 12, 2018

#077 – Teardown: Key Takeaways from Good, Bad And Ugly Cold Emails

Hey cold emailers! Today we are going to a B2C industry and reviewing three emails stolen from a wedding photographer’s inbox. Let’s dive right into them! Here is the screenshot of the first email: Now… Continue Reading

December 5, 2018

#076 – The Secret to Never Running Out of Prospects

Running low on prospects? Feel like you’ve contacted everyone in your market and you’re wondering what to do next? If so, today’s episode can help. Stay tuned to learn 2 reliable ways to expand your… Continue Reading

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