The Cold Outreach Podcast

with Jeremy & Jack

January 30, 2019

#084 – Master Cold Email With This CTA Swipe File: Part 1

Hey folks, today we are going to talk about CTA Swipe File - a document that we’ve just put together, with the list of about a 100 different CTAs that you can copy and paste… Continue Reading

January 23, 2019

#083 – How to Pull Off a Hard Sell with Cold Email

Hey folks! Today we are going against every piece of cold email advice we’ve ever given on this show. We’ll tell you to go for the kill and start hard selling your prospects and give… Continue Reading

January 16, 2019

#082 – The Data Behind Cold Email Cadence

Hey cold emailers, today we talk about cadence and what it means for your cold email campaign. If you’re unsure about how long you should wait between emails, this cast is for you. You’ll learn… Continue Reading

January 9, 2019

#081 – Rapid Fire: Nasty Replies, “Risky Emails” and Worst Industries

Hey folks, let’s dive into your newest cold email questions. Enjoy! Rapid Fire Questions: Is there anyone that you should never cold email? Should I bother cold emailing if I am already getting customers to… Continue Reading

January 2, 2019

#080 – The Freelancer’s Guide to Cold Email

Happy New Year cold emailers! Here’s a chance to exercise your cold email muscles. Imagine you’re a freelance logo designer. How would you use cold email to land all the A-list clients that you could… Continue Reading

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