The Cold Outreach Podcast

with Jeremy & Jack

October 30, 2019

Episode #123 – Identifying The Right Contact At Target Accounts

Let’s say you’ve got a list of your target companies. How do you identify the best person to contact?Do you reach out to the final user of your product/services, or do you try to contact… Continue Reading

October 23, 2019

#122 – Do This When Your “Hot” Cold Email Template Cools Off

In today's episode we will be answering the question ‘What do you do when your winning cold email template is starting to lose steam?’ and give you all the tools you need to get your… Continue Reading

October 16, 2019

#121 – Watercooler Chat: Cold Email’s Evolution

Hey folks! In this cast, we are going to focus on the state of cold email in September 2019, where cold email is at right now and what is different than six months ago. Enjoy!… Continue Reading

October 9, 2019

#120 – Teardown: Link-building and ripping apart a “fan’s” cold email

Hey folks, today we are tearing down emails that sounded promising, but made us unhappy. Let’s see why. Sender 1: Subject line: Jeremy and Jack, your podcast is one of the best! Hey Jeremy and… Continue Reading

October 2, 2019

#119 – Rapid Fire: Tips on Copywriting, Hiring, And Getting Better

We organized today’s questions into a few topics, so you can have a clear picture of what they focus on. Enjoy! Deliverability Do keywords really matter?How do I know if my emails are landing in… Continue Reading

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