#210 – AI Personalization Teardown


#210 – AI Personalization Teardown

June 30, 2021

Today we step into the future. We’re talking about robots that write personalized messages – the new attention worthy technology for the cold email users. 

We’re going to see what has returned after providing it with input of 3 LinkedIn URLs. We have asked it to return the custom intro sentence to start off the conversion. Let’s see what the output is, and find out whether we could use it to speed up our workflow. Enjoy!

Hi David, your company CipherTrace is making an impact in areas that are necessary for economic growth and security. What you’re doing is a real game-changer! I also noticed that you’ve done a lot of consulting work which has been really educational for you both professionally and personally, it’s really great to hear how much you enjoy it!

background in Fintech and retail technology kudos on partiring enterprise companies.

I love that you’ve read The Execution Factor and it has changed your outlook on life. It’s an awesome book and I know that it will prove to be very helpful for you.

Saw your recent post on LinkedIn about blockchain and cryptocurrency, and I love the way you mentioned the need for more data on cryptocurrency transactions, it’s really important since it’s such a new thing.

It’s great to see you’re in the strategy and execution business, as these are two major skills I value highly. You also mention your work has a focus on financial models and synthetic portfolios, which is something I am very interested in. I look forward to talking more about your work with you.

It’s not the goal to automate everything. You can outsource something that should be done by humans, and automate something that should be done by machines. Then you can find a nice balance where you are efficient without sacrificing quality and burning your leads.

We added a module about personalization to our course, so make yourself a favor and grab it at

Happy cold emailing!

Jeremy and Jack

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