#211 – Teardown: Freelancing and WTF Cold Emails (With Rewrites)


#211 – Teardown: Freelancing and WTF Cold Emails (With Rewrites)

July 7, 2021

Today we’ve got two emails that we’re going to tear down and improve a little bit. Enjoy!

Email 1:

Sub: Can i work for you

Hello Jack,

I saw your profile on LinkedIn and I want to work for you. I am a lead generator, LinkedIn finder, Web researcher, email finder expert with 4 years of experience in a private company.

I can provide you with the best quality of data with 97% email accuracy. Quality is a first priority for me, I have done 200 email’s and lead generation projects in my previous company.

If you want to know my potential I’m happy to offer a trial project at no cost. I am sure I will impress you with my work and my skill sets, I’m having good no. of connections in my database as well which can help us find sales solutions and even better leads can be generated. 

Looking forward to work with you


Email 2:

Subject line: Speaking opportunity

Hey Jeremy

Im hosting a Virtual Summit on B2B Outbound Sales for SDR’s and founders in the saas space. (There’s 3k signed up so far.)

We currently have XXX of CompanyYYY, name of company, and name of company as part of our panel of experts and would love to have you among these talented entrepreneurs.

Is this something you might be interested in?



Potentially, tell me more (audience, #, dates, …)

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Happy cold emailing!

Jeremy and Jack


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