#213 – 50+ Company Filters For B2B Prospecting


#213 – 50+ Company Filters For B2B Prospecting

July 21, 2021

There are many ways to find companies to target. Today we’ll list all the words we could think of that can help you to find accounts. Enjoy!


  • How to know whether a certain filter is good to apply 
  • Social network signals as the indicators for filter words
  • What marketing activities you can use to filter out accounts
  • Should you always go for a technical solution, or can a human do it even faster?
  • The power of using a keyword to narrow down the belief of an organization

We challenge you to add to this list of filters! Shoot us an email with your feedback, and if you want to learn more about cold email, go to It’s a library of cold email strategies that we don’t have the luxury to dive into on this podcast.

Happy cold emailing!

Jerem and Jack


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