#215 – Rapid Fire: The $22 Million Dollar Cold Email


#215 – Rapid Fire: The $22 Million Dollar Cold Email

August 4, 2021

In today’s rapid fire we are answering 12 questions to help you come closer to your perfect cold email. Enjoy!


  • What’s the shortest cold email that’s worth sending?
  • Does email length impact my deliverability?
  • Is it bad to track opens on every email?
  • Should I be posting content on LinkedIn to improve my outbound results?
  • What’s a common mistake people make with subject lines?
  • I’m getting good results with email. Should I bother with multichannel outreach too?
  • I just bought a list, even though everyone says it’s a bad idea. Is there any decent way I can use it for outbound?
  • What is the cost per lead if I hire a freelancer or an agency?
  • Should every cold email start with a compliment (e.g big fan of X)?
  • Can I succeed in cold email even if I am not consistent in my efforts?
  • I’m a lead gen agency, should I use cold email to acquire clients?
  • What’s the largest amount of money a cold email brought you?

If there is a question we haven’t covered this time, feel free to reach out to us and make sure to check out, a place where you will find all the good stuff to make cold email work for your company.

Happy cold emailing!

Jeremy and Jack

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