#217 – How Top Agencies Get 20% More Opens With This Free “Auto Warmer”


#217 – How Top Agencies Get 20% More Opens With This Free “Auto Warmer”

August 18, 2021

Today’s cast is going to explain why deliverability matters and what an auto warmer can do for you.


  • What initiates the need for auto warmer
  • Who it is for and what it does
  • How auto warmer improves engagement automatically
  • The success rate of auto warmer with brand new accounts
  • Whether auto warmer can replace the need to trash a domain and buy a new one if you had problems with spam filters in the past
  • The drawback to using an auto warmer
  • The importance of auto warmer is if you are already actively using your domain for business related emails
  • Why you should use an auto warmer NOW and not wait

Auto warmer is a piece of technology that automatically sends email on your behalf to a controlled group of recipients that are going to respond automatically. It tells spam filters that this sender has a good reputation and therefore it helps your deliverability rate. 

If you like the topics we cover on this podcast, is the place where we archive lessons for executing cold emails. Check it out today! 

Happy cold emailing! 

Jeremy and Jack


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