#230 – Rapid Fire: Free Tools & Prospecting Hacks for B2B Sales


#230 – Rapid Fire: Free Tools & Prospecting Hacks for B2B Sales

November 17, 2021

Today we are diving into ten new, cold outreach tool-related questions you have sent. Enjoy! 

  1. Favorite prospecting hack?
  2. How can I find company information on the Internet for free?
  3. How can I find more leads using a technology users list?
  4. How can I find someone’s email address using their Facebook account?
  5. I see a few auto-warmer solutions, do I need to pay for auto warmup?
  6. Is Outlook still the best provider for email deliverability?
  7. Should you ever address an email to an entire department?
  8. What question should I ask on EVERY sales call that will help my cold outreach?
  9. When should I use my “gut” on deciding segments?
  10. Do you still create follow up sequences based on different responses?

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Happy cold emailing!

Jeremy and Jack


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