#258 – Rapid-Fire: 9 “Million dollar” Questions


#258 – Rapid-Fire: 9 “Million dollar” Questions

June 1, 2022

Today Jeremy and Jack are doing a RAPID FIRE episode! They break down 9 sent-in questions from listeners as fast as they can!


-When contacting very large enterprise companies, do you contact all at once, or do you go one person at a time?

-I’m serving clients who only need 1 meeting booked per week. This should be possible with 20 emails sent/day. Should I be creating a new inbox for them, or carry it out on my client’s main inbox?

-Do you have any horror stories of burning your clients’ domain? 

-Do you have any guidance/templates on how to use cold outreach as a means to get interviews with folks for finding problems to solve and/or validating product ideas?

-Other growth channels I should focus on alongside cold email?

-Does email work for Gen Z prospects?

-Any tips for getting more people that book a call to actually show up?

-Books or resources on b2b sales

-Should I ever wait for a “signal” before reaching out to a company?

-Send in your questions for the next rapid-fire episode! 

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Happy Cold Emailing!

Jeremy and Jack


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