#266 – “Slow Fire”: Long Answers to Short Sales Questions


#266 – “Slow Fire”: Long Answers to Short Sales Questions

July 27, 2022

Today Jeremy and Jack are doing a RAPID FIRE episode, well sorta! The two cold emailing experts answer a variety of sent-in questions from listeners. They give more detailed answers in this “slow-fire” episode to ensure listeners leave with the best cold emailing information possible!


-What’s the best way to ramp up volume?

-When is it time to give up the channel?

-Does linkedin still have a weekly limit?

-Should my cold email outreach software also be my CRM?

-How can I use cold outreach to test different price points?

-Open tracking still the best way to track deliverability?

-What’s the rule today with links in cold email? One per email?

-AutoWarmer Update!?: Are they still effective as they were in 2021?

-Removing HTML in my email signature for best deliverability?

-What KPI should I be looking at if I wanted to be hands-off with our outreach process?

-People using targeting by people hiring certain roles… What’s the alternative?

-Just started a new business, how should I approach cold outreach? Who should do it?

-Send in your questions for the next rapid-fire episode! 

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Happy Cold Emailing!

Jeremy and Jack


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