#08 – Copy vs List

August 9, 2017

Is your campaign going to perform better if you have a great copy or if you have a great email list?

What happens if you have superb copy but a lousy list? Or if you have lousy copy but a super hot list? How much weight should we assign to each when it comes to cold emailing?

Today we discuss these questions in an unscripted, casual conversation.

Putting emphasis on building a list or on copywriting are two marketers’ tactics from the same camp. In this episode you’ll learn why we strongly value list over copy and why it is the list of prospects that will make or break your campaign (if you need a refresher on how to build a hot list, check out Episode #05)

We also share the biggest mistakes we have seen (or made!) with building a list and copywriting, so you can avoid them and crush your cold email campaign.

Tune into the discussion and share your experiences in the comments!

Happy cold emailing,

Jeremy and Jack  

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  1. Jesse Hernandez
    September 13, 2017

    Awesome video this has been super insightful and helped to guide me in the right direction!

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