The Cold Outreach Podcast

with Jeremy & Jack

January 30, 2019

#084 – Master Cold Email With This CTA Swipe File: Part 1

Hey folks, today we are going to talk about CTA Swipe File - a document that we’ve just put together, with the list of about a 100 different CTAs that you can copy and paste… Continue Reading

January 23, 2019

#083 – How to Pull Off a Hard Sell with Cold Email

Hey folks! Today we are going against every piece of cold email advice we’ve ever given on this show. We’ll tell you to go for the kill and start hard selling your prospects and give… Continue Reading

January 16, 2019

#082 – The Data Behind Cold Email Cadence

Hey cold emailers, today we talk about cadence and what it means for your cold email campaign. If you’re unsure about how long you should wait between emails, this cast is for you. You’ll learn… Continue Reading

January 9, 2019

#081 – Rapid Fire: Nasty Replies, “Risky Emails” and Worst Industries

Hey folks, let’s dive into your newest cold email questions. Enjoy! Rapid Fire Questions: Is there anyone that you should never cold email? Should I bother cold emailing if I am already getting customers to… Continue Reading

January 2, 2019

#080 – The Freelancer’s Guide to Cold Email

Happy New Year cold emailers! Here’s a chance to exercise your cold email muscles. Imagine you’re a freelance logo designer. How would you use cold email to land all the A-list clients that you could… Continue Reading

December 26, 2018

#079 – How to Track Success with Cold Email

Hey folks! In this cast, we'll go over what qualifies as a positive or negative reply. If you are labeling conversations as positive and negative, you may run into some grey areas you need to… Continue Reading

December 19, 2018

#078 – Stop Sending Cold Emails (Try This Instead)

Today’s episode is all about “lukewarm” emails. In this cast, you’ll learn what lukewarm emails are and how to use them to transform your outreach ROI right now. You’ll hear tips on how to become… Continue Reading

December 12, 2018

#077 – Teardown: Key Takeaways from Good, Bad And Ugly Cold Emails

Hey cold emailers! Today we are going to a B2C industry and reviewing three emails stolen from a wedding photographer’s inbox. Let’s dive right into them! Here is the screenshot of the first email: Now… Continue Reading

December 5, 2018

#076 – The Secret to Never Running Out of Prospects

Running low on prospects? Feel like you’ve contacted everyone in your market and you’re wondering what to do next? If so, today’s episode can help. Stay tuned to learn 2 reliable ways to expand your… Continue Reading

November 28, 2018

#075 – What’s Working This Month

Hey cold emailers! In this episode, Jeremy shares with you the principles behind a campaign that's been working exceptionally well this month with QuickMail. You'll learn how one simple change in the offer allows you… Continue Reading

November 21, 2018

#074 – How to Launch Your Startup with Cold Email – Part 2

Hey cold emailers, welcome to part 2 of our conversation about starting a business using cold email. In part 2, Jeremy outlines how to go from a brand new business idea, based on real customer… Continue Reading

November 14, 2018

#073 – How to Launch Your Startup with Cold Email – Part 1

Hey folks, this week’s cast is part 1 of the episode that covers all about startups and cold email. In Part 1 Jeremy walks you through the steps needed to go from zero customers to… Continue Reading

November 7, 2018

#072 – Test this! 9 Simple Cold Email A/B Test Ideas

Hey cold emailers! If you are lacking inspiration for your next A/B testing, this is an episode you don't want to miss. We'll give a lot of quick tips to try for your cold email… Continue Reading

October 31, 2018

#071 – Rapid Fire: Worst Cold Email Mistakes, GDPR Recap and Startup Advice

Hey folks, here’s another rapid fire episode, let’s dive into newest cold email questions we got from you! RAPID FIRE QUESTIONS: Who should handle cold email in your startup? What should I learn about a… Continue Reading

October 24, 2018

#070 – How to Land Massive Deals with Cold Email

Hey cold emailers! In this episode, you’ll find out how to start conversations with your dream clients and industry influencers, even if you have zero connections or a well-known brand. You’ll learn what a “VIP… Continue Reading

October 17, 2018

#069 – Teardown: Go-2-Market, Nigerian Prince & Link Building Cold Emails

Hey folks, today we have some emails from Jeremy’s folder in front of us that we want to analyze. Some are good, some are interesting, and all of them have something important to take away… Continue Reading

October 10, 2018

#068 – How To Double Your Reply Rate With A/B Testing

Are you A/B testing your cold emails? In this cast we discuss the ins and outs of A/B testing - why you need to test, and also the right way to do it. We cover… Continue Reading

October 3, 2018

#067 – Common Rookie Questions to Cold Email Experts

Today we are going to cover the most common questions about the ins and outs of cold email - how to get an email out of Google jail and into the inbox, the right way… Continue Reading

September 26, 2018

#066 – When (and How) to Scale Your Cold Email Campaign

To scale or not to scale? That is the question for today’s cast. If you’re already having some success with cold email, listen in to find out if you’re ready to 10x your results, or… Continue Reading

September 19, 2018

#065 – Designing a Winning Cold Email Campaign for Framer

Hey folks, in this episode we are showing you how to create a winning cold email strategy from scratch. You’ll find out who to target and what to write in your emails in order to… Continue Reading

September 12, 2018

#064 – These GMail Updates Just Changed Cold Email… Again

Hey cold emailers! If you are Gmail users, you have probably noticed the change in how your reply drafts look like. In this cast, you’ll hear about 2 new GMail features that could change the… Continue Reading

September 5, 2018

#063 – Rapid Fire: Landing a Dream Job, Mastering Outreach & Finding Mentors

Hey folks, today is rapid fire, we have new questions and answers, all about cold email, so let’s dive right into it! Rapid Fire Questions: What is the most challenging part of identifying potential sales… Continue Reading

August 29, 2018

#062 – Cold Email Pro Advice for Beginners

Hey cold emailers! Today’s topic is what advice we could give to newbies to cold email. This cast is covering baby steps towards quickly setting up a very well thought up and productive campaign, in… Continue Reading

August 22, 2018

#061 – 4-part Email Teardown: How to Get a Reply from Jeremy

Hey folks, today Jeremy is sharing a whole cold email sequence of four parts that he received recently. We are going through the email, follow ups and share what worked and what could have been… Continue Reading

August 15, 2018

#060 – Are You Making These 5 Cold Email Mistakes?

Hey cold emailers, today we’ll share our top 5 cold email mistakes. These mistakes can change what could have been a successful campaign into a complete dud. Listen carefully to find out how to avoid… Continue Reading

August 8, 2018

#059 – Build Your Network of High Profile VIP’s With Minimal Effort

Hey folks, if you hate networking, but want to make meaningful connections with influencers, this cast is for you. Today we are going to highlight what it takes to email and get replies from VIP… Continue Reading

August 1, 2018

#058 – The Secret Behind 100% Automated Email Outreach

Hey cold emailers, in this episode we’re covering outsourcing and automation. It’s the perfect cast if you want fresh leads in your inbox, without doing any of the work. Throughout the episode, you’ll notice how some… Continue Reading

July 25, 2018

#057 – Teardown: Monkeylearn

Hey folks, this time we are tearing down a special email, because it actually got Jeremy to reply with interest, and we all know by now he has high standards when it comes to cold… Continue Reading

July 18, 2018

#056 – Our Most Downloaded Episode to Date? (Using Social Proof)

By now you are familiar with our fascination with weapons of influence, as described in Robert Cialdini’s book “Influence.” In this episode, Jack and I are going to look at the last influence factor called… Continue Reading

July 11, 2018

#055 – Rapid Fire: How to Email Top CEO’s, Find Investors and More

Hey folks, here’s another rapid fire episode where we answer the most interesting questions about cold email. This week we talk about the most successful cold email tactics and how to apply them for the… Continue Reading

July 4, 2018

#054 – Today’s Best Email Service Provider for Cold Email?

What are you using to send your cold emails today? GSuite? Outlook? Something else? In this slightly technical, yet helpful episode, we talk about the best tools to send cold emails. We cover the most… Continue Reading

June 27, 2018

#053 – Teardown: Contact Form Outreach

Hey folks, here’s another teardown episode! Usually we tear down emails that are sent to one of our email addresses, but this time we are doing a slightly different spin. We are analyzing, line by… Continue Reading

June 20, 2018

#052 – Getting The Most Out Of Your Next Conference With Cold Email

Hey cold emailers, Jeremy is heading off to a conference next week, so we asked ourselves “How can someone use cold email to connect with conference attendees?” In this cast you’ll learn ways to get… Continue Reading

June 13, 2018

#051 – Cold Email Personalization Breakdown Part 2

Hey folks, welcome back to part 2 of the personalization cast. This week we cover how to identify the best custom attributes to use in your email, the fastest way to personalize cold email at… Continue Reading

June 6, 2018

#050 – Cold Email Personalization Breakdown Part 1

When we receive emails in our inbox, the very first question that comes to mind is: is this email for me? Personalization can definitely help make a difference here, but does it really work? Does… Continue Reading

May 30, 2018

#049 – What To Do When You’re Not Getting Enough Replies?

If you are not getting enough replies, this is probably a cast you don't want to miss. Tune in and you’ll get plenty of concrete ideas and suggestions you can follow today to fix dud… Continue Reading

May 23, 2018

#048 – Teardown: Wins, Missed Opportunities and Pitfalls to Avoid

Hey folks, it’s time for a new teardown episode, and today we’re analyzing two emails that landed to Jack’s inbox. You’ll hear our thoughts on connecting with somebody on LinkedIn before you send them a… Continue Reading

May 16, 2018

#047 – The One Thing You Can’t Ignore With Cold Emails

Hey folks, in today’s episode, we’re covering the #1 most common copywriting mistake found in cold emails. In short, it’s not about you, it’s about the prospect. We’ll give you examples, advice and resources so… Continue Reading

May 9, 2018

#046 – Can AI Impact Your Sales Outreach Campaign?

Will artificial intelligence be able to handle your cold email replies? In this episode we are discussing the future of cold email reply handling and how AI will impact the role of the modern sales… Continue Reading

May 2, 2018

#045 – GDPR Teardown: The Uncomfortable Truth Behind Europe’s New Regulation

Hey cold emailers, we are approaching May 25th, the date when GDPR, a new law to protect the privacy of EU citizens will be enforced. In this cast, we’re doing the GDPR teardown and debunking… Continue Reading

April 25, 2018

#044 – Why Less Is More With Cold Emails

In cold emails it’s easy to think that volume is the quickest way to get more replies, but is it? In this episode we go over some of the challenges that come from increasing volume… Continue Reading

April 18, 2018

#043 – Best of The Cast: Top 3 Episodes to Date

Hey cold emailers, in this episode we are looking at all of the podcast episodes we’ve done so far and we give you our top 3 favorites. You’ll find out why we think they are… Continue Reading

April 11, 2018

#042 – You’ve Got a Reply, Now What? (Part 2)

Welcome back to our discussion on following up to your cold email replies. In Part 2 we talk about how to use out-of-office replies to your advantage, why categorizing your replies is gold when it… Continue Reading

April 4, 2018

#041- You’ve Got a Reply, Now What? (Part 1)

Until now, we've always been looking at how to get conversation started, but what happen once someone replies to you? There is a lot of ground to cover when it comes to handling responses, so… Continue Reading

March 28, 2018

#040 – Rapid Fire Round: Prewarming, Advanced Merge Tags And How to Revive Your List

We’ve received some great cold email questions from you lately, so here they are answered in another rapid fire round. You’ll hear our responses to 8 interesting questions about list building, customizing emails, “break up”… Continue Reading

March 21, 2018

#039 – Using Reciprocity in Cold Email to Drive Sales

Hey cold emailers, in this episode we talk about reciprocity, which is a pretty powerful influence factor that your prospects will find hard to resist. Reciprocity means that we are wired to return our favors… Continue Reading

March 14, 2018

#038 – Cold Recruitment Email Teardown

Hey folks, here’s another email teardown, requested by one of our podcast listeners. We’re going through it line by line, analyzing what’s good about it, what’s bad about it and how we can possibly make… Continue Reading

March 7, 2018

#037 – Outbound Vs. Inbound in 2018

Hey cold emailers, this week we’re discussing outbound and inbound marketing strategies. In short, inbound is when leads come to you, outbound is when you go to the leads. In this episode we talk about… Continue Reading

February 28, 2018

#036 – “Water Cooler” Chat: Cold Email Update

What are the trends in cold emailing? What has been working well lately? This week we’re updating you with stories and examples that are super relevant to building successful cold emails campaigns. We talk about… Continue Reading

February 21, 2018

#035 – Using “Authority” To Gain Instant Credibility In Your Cold Email

Hey folks, this week we talk about authority as another weapon of influence that you can bake into your cold email campaign. According to research, we feel a sense of duty or obligation to the… Continue Reading

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