The Cold Outreach Podcast

with Jeremy & Jack

January 25, 2023

#292 – UPDATE: Google Cracks Down on Email Auto Warmers

Today Jeremy and Jack are reporting on BREAKING NEWS! The two are back with an update on the email Google sent out a few weeks ago regarding the future of auto warmers. Is the future… Continue Reading

January 4, 2023

#289 – Can you outperform a top sales agency?

Today Jeremy and Jack are chatting about agencies! The duo dives into how you can break through into a market that the pros are also reaching for. Can you beat the pros? HERE’S WHAT WE… Continue Reading

December 21, 2022

#287 – Watercooler: Is AI Personalization there yet?

Today Jeremy and Jack are doing a watercooler episode! The two are reviewing AI personalization lines and comparing what AI personalization looked like last year. HERE’S WHAT WE COVER IN THIS EPISODE: -Before and after… Continue Reading

December 7, 2022

#285 – Breaking news: The end of Auto-Warmer is Feb ‘23

Today Jeremy and Jack are reporting on BREAKING NEWS! The two sit down and discuss the shocking email many received from Google that will affect the future of the auto warmer for all. HERE’S WHAT… Continue Reading

October 26, 2022

#279 – The Dark Side of Cold Outreach

Today Jeremy and Jack are warning you to not try this at home! The experts discuss the interesting black hat world of sales outreach. HERE’S WHAT WE COVER IN THIS EPISODE: -Don’t try this at… Continue Reading

September 28, 2022

#275 – Watercooler – Is Cold Email Dead?

Today Jeremy and Jack are doing a watercooler episode! The two hang out and ask the question, is cold email dead? HERE’S WHAT WE COVER IN THIS EPISODE: -Why do people think cold email is… Continue Reading

September 21, 2022

#274 – Watercooler Chat On Recruiting: Finding & Winning Over Top Candidates

Today Jeremy and Jack are doing a watercooler episode! The two hang out and chat about the best ways to handle recruiting! HERE’S WHAT WE COVER IN THIS EPISODE: -How to approach recruiting -Listbuilding tricks… Continue Reading

August 24, 2022

#270 – Interview: Unlocking the Sales Game with Ari Galper

Today Jeremy and Jack are interviewing Ari Galper, the world’s #1 authority on trust-based selling! This extraordinary group contributes to a fruitful, expert-level conversation to help listeners unlock their sales game! HERE’S WHAT WE COVER… Continue Reading

August 10, 2022

#268 – Fail-Proof Outreach Campaigns for Any SDR

Today Jeremy and Jack are doing a watercooler episode! The two experts are having an informal chat over outreach campaigns for all SDRs! HERE’S WHAT WE COVER IN THIS EPISODE: -Campaign examples -Podcast campaigns -An… Continue Reading

July 20, 2022

#265 – 9 Cold Email A/B Tests To Get Results This Week

Today Jeremy and Jack are letting you in on their recommended A/B tests you can add to your week to score big! Listen in to their skilled perspectives and first-hand experience using these successful tests!… Continue Reading

July 13, 2022

#264 – 11 Things You Still Don’t Know About Cold Email

Today Jeremy and Jack are diving into their list of top things you still don’t know about cold email. Did you know cold email has been around for 10 years?  Listen into the duos discussion… Continue Reading

July 6, 2022

#263 – Perry Marshall Interview on 80/20 Insights & Cold Outreach

Today Jeremy and Jack are being joined by Perry Marshall in an in-depth interview! Perry Marshall is the author of 80/20 Marketing and Sales, a highly recommended book from the cold email podcast! Listen in… Continue Reading

June 15, 2022

#260 – Our 5 Iron-Clad Rules for Email Deliverability

Today Jeremy and Jack are bringing you the best rules for deliverability! Listen in as the two reveal their top recommendations on how to be successful with deliverability. HERE’S WHAT WE COVER IN THIS EPISODE:… Continue Reading

June 8, 2022

#259 – Watercooler: Startup Weekend Hacks

Today Jeremy and Jack are doing a watercooler episode! The two hang out and discuss how to get the most out of startup events! HERE’S WHAT WE COVER IN THIS EPISODE: -What startup weekend is… Continue Reading

May 18, 2022

#256 – Growth Chat: Building a sales campaign for product hunt (Live)

Today Jeremy and Jack are having a growth chat episode! The two look into a random company and build a campaign for them on the fly! This episode’s growth chat revolves around building a campaign… Continue Reading

April 20, 2022

#252 – 5-Minute Campaign Challenge #1

Today Jeremy and Jack are doing their first 5-minute campaign challenge episode! They each will have 5 minutes to create a campaign based on a random product or idea given by each other.  HERE’S WHAT… Continue Reading

April 13, 2022

#251 – Watercooler – Life Insurance Spam?

Today Jeremy and Jack are doing a watercooler episode! The two ponder and answer the question of why aren’t our inboxes filled with life insurance cold emails when everyone is a prime candidate for it? … Continue Reading

March 16, 2022

#247 – Can Money Improve Your Reply Rate?

Today Jeremy and Jack are explaining if dishing out money can get you a better response rate or not! They define what this looks like and where to effectively put your money to improve your… Continue Reading

February 16, 2022

#243 – Secrets to Writing Shorter Cold Emails

Today Jeremy and Jack are making it short and sweet! They’re sharing the key secrets of how to make your cold emails clear and straight to the point! HERE’S WHAT WE COVER IN THIS EPISODE:… Continue Reading

February 9, 2022

#242 – Watercooler: Ignore These Power Words at Your Own Peril

Today Jeremy and Jack are doing a watercooler episode! The duo deep dives into what is and isn’t effective when using power words in your cold emails!  HERE’S WHAT WE COVER IN THIS EPISODE: -A… Continue Reading

January 26, 2022

#240 – Our Top 5 Sources for Cold Email Inspiration

Today we cover where Jeremy and Jack find their inspiration to stay at the top with their Cold Emailing outreach! HERE’S WHAT WE COVER IN THIS EPISODE: -What a swipe file is -How to learn… Continue Reading

January 21, 2022

#239 – Rapid Fire: Copywriting, Translating Blunders, & Selling to Your Boss

Today’s rapid-fire covers 10 new questions from cold emailers and their latest concerns! Rapid-Fire Questions: -Is there a good reason to prioritize ramping up sending volume? -What is cold emailing like in the UK these… Continue Reading

January 12, 2022

#238 – Will More Leads Save Your Biz?

Today we discuss the idea that more leads can keep a business running. There are too many people that run companies who think lead generation is the answer to the prayers, but it might not… Continue Reading

January 5, 2022

#237 – Don’t Do This Anymore In 2022

To start the new year on the right foot, we are going to cover the things to avoid in 2022. Let’s talk about new year’s resolutions when it comes to cold emailing. Cold Email… Continue Reading

December 29, 2021

#236 – 2021 Recap: Best Episodes & Takeaways of The Year

Today we are going through our favorite episodes of the year: Jack: #213 – 50+ Company Filters For B2B Prospecting  #221 – 2021 Cold Email Benchmarks Stats for Open & Reply Rates  #195 – Jordan… Continue Reading

December 22, 2021

#235 – Rapid Fire: This or That?!

Today we answer some questions where both answers are unpleasant, so we have to choose the one that we prefer in terms of outbound.  Jeremy: More prospects or better reply rate?No first name, or no… Continue Reading

December 15, 2021

#234 – Teardown: Backlink outreach & A+ Personalization

In today’s teardown we’ve got a backlink cold email as the first example and two different kinds of personalization for the same campaign as the second example. Enjoy! Email 1: Subject: guest posting for salesbread… Continue Reading

December 8, 2021

#233 – What If Every Cold Email Cost $10

Today we are doing a thought experiment: what changes if every cold email cost ten dollars to send? Enjoy! HERE’S‌ ‌WHAT‌ ‌WE‌ ‌COVER‌ ‌IN‌ ‌THIS‌ ‌EPISODE: The cases where this experiment would not promote good… Continue Reading

December 1, 2021

#232 – Sales Hack: “Re-Engagement” Campaigns

In this episode we are discussing whether you should go for and how to re-engage prospects who never replied in one of your past campaigns. Enjoy! HERE’S‌ ‌WHAT‌ ‌WE‌ ‌COVER‌ ‌IN‌ ‌THIS‌ ‌EPISODE: The reasons… Continue Reading

November 24, 2021

#231 – How to Scale a Lead Generation Agency from Scratch?

Today we are going to explain the steps we would take if we were starting a lead generation agency from scratch, using nothing but outbound to get our first clients in the door. Enjoy! HERE’S‌… Continue Reading

November 17, 2021

#230 – Rapid Fire: Free Tools & Prospecting Hacks for B2B Sales

Today we are diving into ten new, cold outreach tool-related questions you have sent. Enjoy!  Favorite prospecting hack?How can I find company information on the Internet for free?How can I find more leads using a… Continue Reading

November 10, 2021

#229 – Outbound Sales Mistakes: How NOT to Reply

Today we are talking about what not to do when you are handling a lukewarm reply from a lead. Enjoy! HERE’S‌ ‌WHAT‌ ‌WE‌ ‌COVER‌ ‌IN‌ ‌THIS‌ ‌EPISODE: Why you should pay attention to replying a… Continue Reading

November 3, 2021

#228 – Teardown of a Very Long Email that Worked – Part 2

This is a follow up from our previous episode on very long cold emails that worked. Let’s dive right in! SUBJECT: Cold Email Course Hi Jack, My name is {} and I'm part of the… Continue Reading

October 27, 2021

#227 – 30 Day Challenge: Making Cold Email Work at Your Company

If you have a company and you are considering doing outbound, here is how you can run a test to see if it’s a valid strategy you should adopt or walk away from. Enjoy! HERE’S‌… Continue Reading

October 20, 2021

#226 – Teardown of a Very Long Email That Worked

This is a special teardown, because we are analyzing a very long cold email which got us to reply. Email: Hi Jeremy, I hope all is well! I'm sure you may have seen the news,… Continue Reading

October 13, 2021

#225 – Buying Businesses With Cold Email

Today we talk about how to run a cold email campaign that buys businesses. The case we are discussing is a family owned business, because they are more challenging from a list building perspective since… Continue Reading

October 6, 2021

#224 – Rapid Fire: Open Rates, Deliverability & Hiring Your 1st Sales Person

Let’s dive right into your newest B2B questions: What’s the minimum open rate I should aim for?Does cold outreach become easier without spam filters in place?Should you consider hiring a consultant for deliverability these days?I… Continue Reading

September 29, 2021

#223 – Outbound Marketing Strategy for Your Price Point

Today’s episode is about the cold email approach to selling low-price items, very high-price items and something in the middle, because every company considering outbound lead generation needs to consider the price point in order… Continue Reading

September 22, 2021

#222 – Cold Email Teardown: App Development Pitches That Actually Work

We’ve been getting a lot of cold emails asking if they could develop a mobile app for us, related to cold email. We thought there was a better way that they could have worded it,… Continue Reading

September 15, 2021

#221 – 2021 Cold Email Benchmarks Stats for Open & Reply Rates

Today we are doing a benchmark episode - what you should aim for these days, and where your open rate and reply rate should be. Between all the metrics, which ones are vanity metrics and… Continue Reading

September 8, 2021

#220 – Water Cooler: Future of Email Auto-Warmers

Today we are going to do a water cooler episode around auto-warmers and whether they are going straight into Google’s waste bin in the future. Enjoy! HERE’S‌ ‌WHAT‌ ‌WE‌ ‌COVER‌ ‌IN‌ ‌THIS‌ ‌EPISODE: Auto-warmer’s… Continue Reading

September 1, 2021

#219 – The New Rules of Cold Email in 2021: A Beginners Guide

Today we talk about what a cold emailer should pay attention to these days, compared to a few years ago. If you want to get going and you don’t have too much of a background… Continue Reading

August 25, 2021

#218 – Live Teardown: 3 Cold Emails from Good to Great

Today we are going to share what is wrong with three cold emails we received, and what we will do to make them better, so that more people want to reply to them. Email 1… Continue Reading

August 18, 2021

#217 – How Top Agencies Get 20% More Opens With This Free “Auto Warmer”

Today’s cast is going to explain why deliverability matters and what an auto warmer can do for you. HERE’S‌ ‌WHAT‌ ‌WE‌ ‌COVER‌ ‌IN‌ ‌THIS‌ ‌EPISODE: What initiates the need for auto warmerWho it is for… Continue Reading

August 11, 2021

#216 – Sales Hack: Eliminate No-Shows & Boost Credibility

This conversation is going to help you get more out of your sales calls that you have booked through outbound lead generation efforts. Find out what you should be doing before you meet the prospect… Continue Reading

August 4, 2021

#215 – Rapid Fire: The $22 Million Dollar Cold Email

In today’s rapid fire we are answering 12 questions to help you come closer to your perfect cold email. Enjoy! RAPID FIRE QUESTIONS: What's the shortest cold email that's worth sending?Does email length impact my… Continue Reading

July 28, 2021

#214 – How To Drastically Reduce Your Cold Email Spam Complaints This Week

Today we look into ways of minimizing spam complaints, which kill your email deliverability and make your inbox and your domain bad.  If you listen in and follow some of our recommendations, you may be… Continue Reading

July 21, 2021

#213 – 50+ Company Filters For B2B Prospecting

There are many ways to find companies to target. Today we’ll list all the words we could think of that can help you to find accounts. Enjoy! HERE’S‌ ‌WHAT‌ ‌WE‌ ‌COVER‌ ‌IN‌ ‌THIS‌ ‌EPISODE: How… Continue Reading

July 14, 2021

#212 – Credibility Expert Explains How To Build Trust In Cold Emails

Today we have a very special guest, Mitchell Levy, a global credibility expert, and international bestselling author. He has interviewed 500 thought leaders on credibility resulting in a Credibility TEDtalk, the Credibility Nation community, and… Continue Reading

July 7, 2021

#211 – Teardown: Freelancing and WTF Cold Emails (With Rewrites)

Today we’ve got two emails that we’re going to tear down and improve a little bit. Enjoy! Email 1: Sub: Can i work for you Hello Jack, I saw your profile on LinkedIn and I… Continue Reading

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