The Cold Outreach Podcast

with Jeremy & Jack

October 6, 2021

#224 – Rapid Fire: Open Rates, Deliverability & Hiring Your 1st Sales Person

Let’s dive right into your newest B2B questions: What’s the minimum open rate I should aim for?Does cold outreach become easier without spam filters in place?Should you consider hiring a consultant for deliverability these days?I… Continue Reading

August 4, 2021

#215 – Rapid Fire: The $22 Million Dollar Cold Email

In today’s rapid fire we are answering 12 questions to help you come closer to your perfect cold email. Enjoy! RAPID FIRE QUESTIONS: What's the shortest cold email that's worth sending?Does email length impact my… Continue Reading

June 23, 2021

#209 – Rapid Fire: Inbox Reputation, Custom Domains and Advanced Automation

Get ready for the solutions to the newest worries of cold emailers! How long do I need to wait after an inbox reputation is trashed, before cold emailing again?How long do I need to warm… Continue Reading

June 2, 2021

#206 – Rapid Fire: Hacking LinkedIn Limits & Mastering Personalization

 Let’s dive into your latest questions! Should we fear mistakes in cold outreach?What to do if you’ve been burned by a lead gen agency?What’s a lesser-known way to build a list?What’s the one tool you… Continue Reading

April 15, 2021

#199 – Rapid Fire: Personalization, LinkedIn & Deliverability

Let’s dive into your newest concerns! Rapid Fire Questions: How can I ensure that my emails are delivered?How can I use Google for prospecting?How to use Zapier to make outbound easier?What do today’s best performing… Continue Reading

March 3, 2021

#193 – Rapid Fire: Cold Outreach

Today we have eleven questions about sales outreach. Let’s dive in! RAPID FIRE QUESTIONS: What kind of greeting should I use?What’s the simplest way to test a multichannel campaign?How can I find a better prospect… Continue Reading

January 6, 2021

#185 – 10 Practical Questions On Sales Outreach in 2021

Today we have a sales outreach rapid fire. Here are the questions:       Should I reach out during the holiday season?How would you cold email for competitor research?How can I follow up with people who replied… Continue Reading

October 28, 2020

#175 – Cold Outreach Rapid Fire

Here are the newest questions from our cold emailers, let’s dive right in:  Rapid Fire Questions: What's the best source to learn from about cold emailing?What are the best ways to improve the response rate… Continue Reading

September 9, 2020

#168 – Rapid Fire: LinkedIn Tips, Cold Emailing for a Job, and 2020 Updates

Let’s see what’s bothering you most these days in the world of cold email. Rapid Fire Questions: What A/B test should I try out right now?Is it worth sending a cold email when you can… Continue Reading

March 11, 2020

#142 – Rapid-Fire: Personalization Hacks, Old Data & Getting “Unstuck”

Hey guys, let’s list the questions that are keeping you stuck in your cold email campaigns these days! Rapid Fire Questions: What are the main tips on how to write a value proposition?Is it a… Continue Reading

January 15, 2020

#134 – Rapid Fire: Influencer Outreach, SDR Grading, And The “Koala Tactic”

Hey folks, let’s check out what questions popped up after we shared our freshest wisdom in the previous ten episodes.  Rapid Fire Questions: What’s the one thing I need to do differently in 2020? Am I… Continue Reading

November 6, 2019

#124 – Rapid-fire: Deliverability Hacks, Cold Texting & Agency Secrets

Hey cold emailers, let’s see what are your newest concerns in our newest Rapid Fire episode.  Rapid Fire Questions: When it comes to alternative domains, what outbound volume is the best and how long does… Continue Reading

October 2, 2019

#119 – Rapid Fire: Tips on Copywriting, Hiring, And Getting Better

We organized today’s questions into a few topics, so you can have a clear picture of what they focus on. Enjoy! Deliverability Do keywords really matter?How do I know if my emails are landing in… Continue Reading

June 19, 2019

#104 – Rapid-fire: Risks, Spam Assassin, and CEO Emails

Hey folks! Let us help you with the things that are slowing down your cold email campaigns. Rapid Fire Questions: How big of a risk are you putting yourself at if you don’t use a… Continue Reading

January 9, 2019

#081 – Rapid Fire: Nasty Replies, “Risky Emails” and Worst Industries

Hey folks, let’s dive into your newest cold email questions. Enjoy! Rapid Fire Questions: Is there anyone that you should never cold email? Should I bother cold emailing if I am already getting customers to… Continue Reading

October 31, 2018

#071 – Rapid Fire: Worst Cold Email Mistakes, GDPR Recap and Startup Advice

Hey folks, here’s another rapid fire episode, let’s dive into newest cold email questions we got from you! RAPID FIRE QUESTIONS: Who should handle cold email in your startup? What should I learn about a… Continue Reading

September 5, 2018

#063 – Rapid Fire: Landing a Dream Job, Mastering Outreach & Finding Mentors

Hey folks, today is rapid fire, we have new questions and answers, all about cold email, so let’s dive right into it! Rapid Fire Questions: What is the most challenging part of identifying potential sales… Continue Reading

July 11, 2018

#055 – Rapid Fire: How to Email Top CEO’s, Find Investors and More

Hey folks, here’s another rapid fire episode where we answer the most interesting questions about cold email. This week we talk about the most successful cold email tactics and how to apply them for the… Continue Reading

March 28, 2018

#040 – Rapid Fire Round: Prewarming, Advanced Merge Tags And How to Revive Your List

We’ve received some great cold email questions from you lately, so here they are answered in another rapid fire round. You’ll hear our responses to 8 interesting questions about list building, customizing emails, “break up”… Continue Reading

February 14, 2018

#034 – Rapid Fire: Top 2 Books, Favorite Tools, and Random Cold Email Tips

Here’s another rapid fire episode where we answer 8 interesting questions about cold email. We talk about the resources that will help you become a better cold email writer, not-so-obvious ways to build a list,… Continue Reading

December 20, 2017

#027 – Rapid Fire: Quora’s Top 10 Cold Email Questions, Answered

Hey cold emailers, today we’re answering the most frequently asked questions about cold email, in a rapid fire Q&A session. You’ll hear a digested version of the topics we have covered so far in the… Continue Reading

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