The Cold Outreach Podcast

with Jeremy & Jack

March 9, 2022

#246 – Uncover Your Most Valuable Cold Prospects This Week

Today Jeremy and Jack are uncovering their tactics on how to prioritize your cold prospect list! They explain their process on how to sort your list of potential outreach down to the core few who… Continue Reading

March 2, 2022

#245 – Get a Sale Today

Today Jeremy and Jack are sharing their key tips on getting new sales FAST! They discuss their strategies on how to realistically get a sale as fast as TODAY! HERE’S WHAT WE COVER IN THIS… Continue Reading

November 4, 2020

#176 – Vintage Cold Email Teardown

Jack found some old cold email from 1902 selling natural gas products to businesses, and we've had a blast at tearing it down. There are so many solid elements of cold email in that letter,… Continue Reading

May 6, 2020

Episode #150 – Sales Tips from the Copywriting Guru John Carlton

Today we are joined by John Carlton, our copywriting guru that we have been learning from on our whole business path up to this point. Enjoy! HERE’S WHAT WE COVER IN THIS EPISODE: Stepping stones… Continue Reading

April 8, 2020

#146 – How To Nail Your Sales Demo In this episode our guest is Greg Rosner, Founder and CEO of PitchKitchen, a sales enablement agency. The team at PitchKitchen fixes bad sales messaging, presentations and websites that make their solution the hero… Continue Reading

Building A Winning Sales Team with James Schramko - The Cold Email Outreach Podcast
March 18, 2020

#143 – Building A Winning Sales Team With James Schramko Our guest in this episode is James Schramko, Founder of SuperFastBusiness, and the author of “Work Less, Make More”. He helps businesses achieve leverage point so they too can work less, and make more.… Continue Reading

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