#016 – Email Deliverability with Tim Jenkins, the Co-Founder of SendGrid


#016 – Email Deliverability with Tim Jenkins, the Co-Founder of SendGrid

October 4, 2017

Hey cold emailers, today we have a guest on the show, his name is Tim Jenkins and he is the Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer at SendGrid, one of the top email service providers in the world. Tim also helped QuickMail in the early days when we were dealing with some spam issues, and that’s why we wanted to bring him on to share his knowledge on deliverability.

In this cast, we go over the deliverability challenges that every cold emailer faces, why engagement is so important and how getting clicks can actually increase your open rate.  Tune in!


  • Why cold email is such a sticky subject and how to avoid falling into spam traps?
  • What is sender reputation and why is it so important for deliverability?
  • What is the most important metric for boosting sender reputation with email service providers?
  • What are the major challenges today in getting your email properly classified and delivered?
  • How does email content impact deliverability and what are the risks of being blacklisted?
  • How to “warm up” a brand new inbox and build up email frequency in a correct way?
  • How can small businesses monitor cold email deliverability and what are the resources and tools available online?
  • What is the next big thing that may happen to email in the future?

We are very grateful to Tim for sharing his expertise with us today. We learned that engagement is the ultimate metric to determine your deliverability rate, how to keep your lists updated to avoid getting blacklisted, and that open rate tracking is the most affordable tool to help you stay on top of your deliverability.

For more information on deliverability, check out Episodes #012 and #013 where we go deep into this topic from the technical and content point of view. And as always, we’d like to hear back from you, so if you have any questions or comments, shoot us an email.

Happy cold emailing,

Jeremy and Jack


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