#022 – Overcoming Your Deepest Cold Email Fears


#022 – Overcoming Your Deepest Cold Email Fears

November 15, 2017

Sending cold emails can be scary. In this episode, Jack and Jeremy talk about our deepest fears around cold email including fear of rejection, fear of damaging your brand or campaigns that nobody replies to. So if you’ve ever had a fear of sending cold emails, chances are that we talk about it and give some strategies to deal with it in this cast.


  • What if you are being insulted by your prospects and how to deal with nasty replies?
  • What if you are greeted with silence and how many follow ups should you send if you are getting no replies at all?
  • What if you land in Google Jail and how to avoid it?
  • What if the list you are sending to is no longer relevant and you’re sending great emails to wrong people?
  • What if people are so annoyed by your cold email that they go to Twitter and publicly shame you?
  • What if your emails are polarized and they appeal to one target group but don’t appeal at all to the other?
  • What if the tools you use to build your email list suddenly disappear?
  • What if you are being sued for sending cold emails and how to deal with legal issues?
  • What if sending cold emails in general becomes illegal and how to know which businesses you can contact?
  • What if spam filters become so smart that they effectively filter out marketing automation or detect similar content in emails?
  • What if a member of your team endangers the reputation of the whole domain by sending cold email?
  • What if you miss out on the opportunity to leave the best first impression and how can you craft a “perfect” first touch email?
  • What if you want to reach out to high profile prospects and you feel like you have only one chance of contacting them?
  • What if you contact your existing clients by mistake and how to manage your list in the best way?
  • What if you are just wasting your time and nobody cares about your cold email?

Although there are many fears around sending cold email, you can respond to every one of them with proper action. A dose of healthy fear is a good thing and most, if not all of our cold email fears can be avoided with either research or preparation. One thing to look at right away is our ultimate cold email checklist with everything you need to know before sending your cold email. And if you have a fear that we didn’t address in this cast, please share it with us by email and we’ll make sure to help you with it.

Happy cold emailing,

Jeremy and Jack

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  1. Tori
    November 15, 2017

    Great podcast! It was actually very interesting to listen about fears. Especially I liked the last advice: what to do with unwanted email :) That was funny)

    In my practice, I use different tools that keep my confidence in email marketing: statistics, pop-ups which are collecting leads, some ads, for finding emails and for verifying emails. In this scenario I always have the actual list, for outbound and inbound.

    Waiting for new podcasts. Thanks!

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  2. Sbu
    November 20, 2017

    Quickmail it's a must-have tool if you are a marketer, Jeremys book I bought on Amazon & these podcasts have completely change the way I do business, I was stuck & failing with cold emailing but ever since using all 3 it has completely transformed my business & start to seeing success. You definitely need all 3 to be really successful, coming across you guys was the best thing ever. You guys rock!

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