#061 – 4-part Email Teardown: How to Get a Reply from Jeremy


#061 – 4-part Email Teardown: How to Get a Reply from Jeremy

August 22, 2018

Hey folks, today Jeremy is sharing a whole cold email sequence of four parts that he received recently. We are going through the email, follow ups and share what worked and what could have been improved. Let’s dive in!

Here are the screenshots of emails Jeremy received:

Outreach email:

1st follow up:

2nd follow up:

3rd follow up:

Now let’s jump to the teardown:

Alright, this was a whole cold email sequence analyzed, and we hope you have valuable takeaways from this teardown. Make sure to check out the Fox and the Crow episode and the one about reciprocity that we mention here, and feel free to send us your own cold emails if you’d like to hear them teared down in one of our next episodes.

Happy cold emailing!

Jeremy and Jack


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