#019 – The Fox and the Crow


#019 – The Fox and the Crow

October 25, 2017

So the story goes like this:

A Fox once saw a Crow with a piece of cheese in his beak on a branch of a tree. The Fox walked up to the foot of the tree and said “Mister Crow, how beautiful feathers you have. If your voice is as beautiful as your feathers, then you must be the king of the forest.” The Crow, being proud and wanting to show his beautiful voice, opens his mouth wide and the piece of cheese falls right into the mouth of the Fox.

Now what does this 300 year old story have to do with cold email? Tune in to find out!


  • How complimenting your prospects can lead your cold email to an exceptional reply rate
  • Real-life examples of how to apply this copywriting trick to any cold email sequence
  • How this rule will help you easily filter people and build a “hot” list of prospects
  • The power of compliments to activate the reciprocity rule Vs. putting people on the defensive by faulting and criticizing them
  • How to be specific and find the right measure with your compliments

Complimenting works with us too 🙂 If you like this episode and want to share a comment, feedback or your cold email story, shoot us an email.

Happy cold emailing,
Jeremy and Jack

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  1. Deborah
    October 25, 2017

    It is wonderful to see that one of Aesop's fables is an inspiration to the business world. Fables, folktales, and fairy tales often contain wisdom distilled from centuries of experience.

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